Prostate Cancer Research

Cutting edge design for cutting edge research

Prostate Cancer Research (PCR) are a charity investing in cutting edge scientific research into the advanced stages of prostate cancer.

We worked with them to develop a digital strategy which would be critical to The PCR’s need to showcase, demonstrate and fundraise for their role in scientific research.

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Key results

Pushing a brand hard is good, but getting brilliant results is better

A clear, easy to use website that enables PCRC to regularly publish up-to-date content.
A huge rise in online donations, more was donated in the first month after launch then the whole of the previous year.
A major increase in time spent by visitors on the site with a big drop off in bounce rates.

"Alchemy understood exactly what we were trying to do and added a touch of creativity to bring our work to life. The results have been outstanding and we raised over £20,000 through the website in its first month. More than the whole of last year."

Oliver Kemp
CEO Prostate Cancer Research Centre
London web design
PCRC news article on mobile
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PCRC for patients page on mobile
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Compassionate, loving, and caring

PCRC are about people, their stories and experiences.

How those stories and expereincees are communicated is important in garnering understanding and knowledge and offering hope to people affected by cancer.

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