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AHA Design

A studio delivering world class design, across multiple disciplines needs a simple and clean website which doesn’t distract from the key design content. They need a place to showcase their work, and a website which doesn’t steal the limelight. Here’s how we did it;

Designing for Design

The work speaks for itself. It needs no introduction or special effects. Bold and striking use of photography to focus the audience on the craft and accuracy in the work.

Andy Hau website homepage

A place to browse,
A place to shop

Simple eCommerce which is subtle and confident. Not screaming buy buy buy! The work is beautiful, and the approach to eCommerce is quick and intuitive.


Responsive design isn’t optional. Andy Hau Design knew that they didn't have control over the devices that people used to engage with them, so responsive design is a natural choice. It delivers an experience across all devices that allows the audience to easily access their beautiful work.

Andy Hau product page
London web design
Andy Hau product page
London web design

If you’d like to hear more about this project or see more of our work, please feel free to drop us a line.

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