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Because hope
beats fear

About Climate Optimist

Because the climate change challenge is so great and its consequences are so serious. Solving climate change starts with the belief that we can. We are the climate optimists.

Share the Optimism

The homepage immediately encourages users to engage with our message, that we can solve climate change.

Users are able to sign up to the climate optimism pledge.

Climate Optimist website homepage

A menu to explore in

We didn't want any links in the header to get in the way of our call to action, so we introduced a large hidden menu. This gave us the space and opportunity to feature content our user may not have otherwise seen.

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London web design London web design
London web design London web design
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Because, Because, Because

We added a scrolling ticker to header of the page to display reasons to be optimistic, helping to emphasise our positivity around solving climate change.

The Climate Optimist's manifesto

We behave, buy, vote and work for change because we are optimists. And our vocal optimism will take our actions even further. It will make others bold. Political action, business innovation, new investment and global transformation all become possible.


Delivering our message on tablet, delivering our message on mobile. Responsive design isn't optional.

Climate Optimist news page on tablet device
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Climate Optimist news page on mobile device
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