Ekspi is a revolutionary online platform, to better enable the social sector to pair the right candidates with project jobs, significantly reduce expenditure on recruitment, while maximising productivity in the field.

Online marketplace for the social sector

Founded by Libby James and Oliver Kemp through years of dedicated experience and knowledge of the marketplace, Ekspi is a revolutionary online platform, to better enable the social sector to pair the right candidates with project jobs, significantly reduce expenditure on recruitment, while maximising productivity in the field.

Getting beneath the skin

We went the extra mile to truly understand the market that Ekspi was looking to target. Rather than simply fulfilling a brief, both companies shared concepts and ideas, actively delivering the goals of the project.

London web design
London web design

Finding the ideal partner agency

Oliver Kemp, Co-founder at Ekspi, said: “We needed a partner that could see the value in what we were doing for the sector. Essentially, Ekspi would be a facilitator towards improving the quality of information and access to good people in the sector, shredding the costs spent on expensive recruitment agencies and saving millions of pounds for charities. The money saved here would only further the cause of charities to reach out the people who most need it.

"The thing that really made Alchemy stand out from the others was their ability to get under the skin of what we are trying to do and understand the value of what we want to bring to the market. Additionally, their style of creating websites matched our vision, especially their work with start-ups and SMEs in creating an effective and visually-appealing online platform."

Oliver Kemp Co-founder at Ekspi

Working from
the ground up

Both Libby and Oliver wanted to strip the outdated, expensive and tedious process of finding the right candidates and instead deliver a hassle-free and efficient interface that could speed the recruitment process.

Working from the ground up, Alchemy Digital took the brief and ran with it by creating and developing an effective online platform that encompassed everything from designing a recognisable brand, company logo, brand colours and brand story, to the technology innovation that powered the ranking system of candidates and information sharing for suitable positions.

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Alchemy developed the technology upon two very successful algorithms - dating websites and LinkedIn. Combining these two systems into one enables organisations to not only find the ideal candidates based on specific requirements, but ensure that individuals are accessing the correct work for them based on their experience.

On top of this, the technology helped identify the ranking within social networks and assessed individuals based on previous work, and who they’ve worked with previously.

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We are experts in creating world class digital experiences. A full service agency is a jack of all trades.
We are a master of one.

Saving the charitable sector millions through cheaper, more efficient recruitment processes

Development of a dedicated online platform from the ground-up, including company branding and innovative technology

Surpassed all expectations by enlisting thousands of consultants in first year

Online Portal for Global Partnerships

After just a year of the website going live, Ekspi surpassed all expectation.

Catering for thousands of consultants, with both global mid-sized and large charity organisations such as Oxfam enlisting Ekspi as their sole recruiter in finding the right candidates.

This not only helped increase the productivity of projects, but has slashed costs in overheads and project commissions by almost halve. Charities have reinvested this directly back into the sector, meaning more lives can be saved, less poverty and better impact on the environment.

Speed at users’ fingertips

Alchemy developed a website with a user-friendly interface at its heart. A focus on optimising page-loading times ensures that charities and individuals visiting the site from low-bandwidth areas, are easily able to navigate and have the information required to fulfil projects.

The speed at which candidates can now be linked to jobs has increased productivity in the sector and ensured projects are met and delivered on time.

London web design
London web design

A happy customer

"Alchemy helped expand on our initial concept by considering players other than just the charities, and instead increased our understanding of what the path is like for consultants and those looking for jobs. It has opened a whole new audience and value proposition, and alongside the effective website, has helped achieve exceptional cost and time reductions, never before seen in the industry."

Oliver Kemp

Our long-standing client relationships are testament to Alchemy Digital’s continued reputation among some of the world’s best known brands – we stick to our word, and we give you honest advice.

About us

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