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Elle Macpherson

  • Client.Elle Macpherson
  • Sector.Luxury Lingerie

Keeping our client’s audience focused on the beautiful range of stylish and seductive underwear, while using the Elle Macpherson brand to enhance the buying experience was critical. Using the trust in the brand, without dominating the craft and intricacy of the products available was also another key aspect.

Changing mood with the season

High end fashion is refined and confident. Elle’s digital strategy needed to reflect that, and also pay attention to the market which it sits within. The new website colour palette is sympathetic to leading products by altering colours to fit the lead garment palette.

TalkTalk website homepage

More than just a menu

A navigation tool to lead the experience, and expose our client’s audience to content. Products and ranges are easy to navigate, but the content also enhances users’ experience, enabling them to explore beyond the product range, and into the brand they know so well - all while honouring the eCommerce experience.

London web design London web design
London web design London web design
London web design London web design

A buying experience you want

Creating a shopping destination online which is easy to use, and exposes the range simply. A platform that uses the most modern eCommerce techniques and adds to the experience with brand content. Augmenting that journey has created high conversion rates, and repeat customers.


We know that Elle’s audience consumes content on the sofa at home, on the bus to work or at their desk. They use a range of devices and expect an experience which is easy. Responsive design isn't optional. To allow consumption of content, and brand engagement your design must be seamless across all devices.

Bordelle product page
London web design
Bordelle product page
London web design

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