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Eco Friendly Sportswear

A tailor made
digital strategy

The Sydney based premium active wear brand Horizon Athletic approached us to create a world class eCommerce digital strategy to showcase thier innovative, environmentally focussed and stylish leisure wear, something which we were primed to deliver.

London web design London web design

Style and substance

We created a design that reflects Horizon's commitment to style and performance whilst echoing the enironmental credentials of the garments.

We combined extensive use of location based campaign imagery from the coastal waters around the home of Horizon in Sydney, Australia with studio based fashion photography and product shots.

Combining campaign photography with elements of inspiration and awe from the natural environment allows the brand to express its personality and the values which they embrace.

Maximum usage, minimum impact

The Horizon shop and collections are built on the Shopify eCommerce platform to put the products centre stage.

We created an experience that emphasises not just the technical qualities, performance and style, but also the lasting and enduring quality of the garments.

London web design London web design

Built to perform

Our design allows Horizon to intuitively manage content and retain editorial control without compromising the aesthetic experience, allowing them to effectively communicate their brand.


Responsive design isn’t optional. The Horizon Athletic website is optimised to work across all devices, from handheld devices like smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktop computers, delivering an experience that allows the audience to easily interact with their content.

London web design
London web design
London web design

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