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Getting Down
to Business

Inty needed a website that communicates to all of their audience. A website that makes them feel part of something bigger. A website that proclaims their trusted history. A website that establishes that they're the best at what they do. A website that demonstrates an understanding of their situation. A website that honors the customer, and the customer’s customer. A website that reflects the tireless work we do to keep our customers happy, inspired and relevant. A website that communicates what makes intY so great.

Making intY stand out

Alchemy designed a unique and clever approach in a market place where competition tends to over load the user with unecessary information and meaninless stock photography.

We developed a clever visual hook to communicate what intY do with the use of animations.

London web design London web design

Unconventional, Effective

By keeping the message clear and using a personal and friendly approach Alchemy delivered a re-invented brand experience.


We know that our audience consumes content on the sofa at home, on the bus to work and at their desk. They use a range of devices, and expect an experience which is easy. Responsive design isn't optional. To allow consumption of content, and brand engagement your design must work perfectly across all devices.

Inty home page
London web design
Inty home page
London web design

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