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Some follow the future, others create it

Found the future

Entrepreneur First is the world’s leading talent investor. Investing time and money in the world’s most talented and ambitious individuals, helping them to find a co-founder, develop an idea, and start a company.

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Technology Entrepreneurship and
the Disruption of Ambition

The home page utilises a conceptual video animation symbolising what a piece of machine learning would look like if it were cast in stone.

It acts as a symbol to celebrate some of the potential future achievements of those who pass through EF.

A website that is key to success

Entrepreneur First was founded in 2011 with the aim of enabling the world's most ambitious people to build the most important companies, and that is still true today.

Twice a year they select up to 100 people to join their programme, from thousands of applicants.

The site is also designed to attract candidates and promote EF's bi-annual cohorts.

London web design London web design


Responsive design isn’t optional. The Entrepreneur First website is optimised to work across all devices, from handheld devices like smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktop computers, delivering an experience that allows the audience to easily interact with their content.

London web design
London web design
London web design

Colour palette

  • Aubergine
  • RGB: 45 21 48
  • CMYK: 82 96 43 63
  • Hex: #2D1530
  • Alabaster
  • RGB: 247 245 245
  • CMYK: 4 4 4 0
  • Hex: #F7F5F5
  • Peach
  • RGB: 248 121 193
  • CMYK: 0 64 60 0
  • Hex: #F8795D



Rosario is a typeface of classical proportions updated for the modern era. Its elegant flourishes and serif detailing mean this font looks good when used large sizes.



Open Sans

Open Sans is a sans serif typeface with open forms and excellent legibility. Its humanist feel is a perfect accompaniment to the hard edges of the classical font Rossario.



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