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Built to perform

A tailor made
digital strategy

Monreal approached us after struggling to effectively realise their vision with their current design agency. They required a world class eCommerce digital strategy to match their high-end, innovative and stylish brand of activewear, something which Alchemy were primed to deliver.

Style as a priority

We needed a design that would reflect Monreal's balance of style and function.

Slanted accents suggest forward motion which reflects the active nature of the brand with a nod to the geometry used in the brand logo.

The extensive use of campaign photography mixed with elements of design inspiration allows the brand to express its personality.

Monreal London website homepage

Built to perform

Our design allows Monreal to intuitively manage content and retain editorial control without compromise on the aesthetic experience.

London web design London web design

Created out of personal necessity

The Monreal shop and collections are built on the Shopify eCommerce platform to put the products first. We created an experience that emphasises the performance aspects of the garments fused with their style and quality.


Responsive design isn’t optional. The Monreal London audience are active people who interact with the brand in many different situations on many different devices, so responsive design is a natural choice. The design delivers an exceptional user experience across all devices.

Monreal article
London web design
Monreal article
London web design

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