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As one of the country’s best known independent PR agencies, Spreckley is a company of huge influence, with expertise spanning business, technology, consumer and healthcare PR. Spreckley works with clients of all sizes, from international enterprises and household names, to smaller specialist brands and innovators.

Entering the 21st century

While Spreckley had a website, the growing need for an effective and structured digital strategy to reach new business contacts became apparent when the website hadn’t delivered a lead in two years.

Spreckley was also seeing cash hemorrhaging from the website, since control was in the hands of the designer/host. The agency wanted to take back power and exercise its copywriting expertise, rather than leave the responsibility in the hands of a third party.

Spreckley website homepage

Digital Strategy

Alchemy offered to work with Spreckley to build a successful digital strategy, as it would be critical to Spreckley’s own plans for growth into an integrated communications agency delivering everything from traditional PR, to video, social media, e-marketing and more.

Chain Reaction

Three weeks after the initial brief, Alchemy delivered their proposed digital strategy and wireframes.

"What was noticeable about Alchemy’s approach was that they actually listened to us. They didn’t try and push a certain technology or platform, nor did they put pressure on to add lots of bells and whistles that we didn’t need. This was about making the website work for us in order to achieve our business goals."

Richard Merrin Managing Director at Spreckley

Culture of

Alchemy based its strategy around Spreckley’s three core selling points: its long-standing and strong client relationships, the breadth and depth of expert services in various markets, and its spirit of perpetual communication.

Visual and responsive design led the way, with each page leading the user on a seamless journey between success stories, expert services and live content. That means understanding every audience member’s route through the website and exposing them to content that will matter to them.

London web design London web design
London web design London web design
London web design London web design

Features that Work

Wordpress was chosen as the best possible platform to meet Spreckley’s needs, enabling the company to easily and intuitively manage the content itself and retain editorial control.

A key feature of the new website was to showcase Spreckley’s activity on social media and ensure a tight integration, reflecting the communications part of the strategy. Not only would this help significantly with boosting SEO rankings, but a ‘live’ feel to the home page ensures that it is always moving and up-to-date with the content coming out of the agency.

1,500% ROI

Inbound sales leads delivered a ROI of 1,500% within the first year of the new website.

Key Results

A website that exploits Spreckley's most valuable assets to deliver a consistent, high end, premium experience.


A tightly integrated, responsive design, that leads the user on a seamless journey from success stories, to expert services, to live content


Inbound sales leads delivered a ROI of 1,500% within the first year


Saved £9,000 a year in site administration costs and retained editorial control

The Results

Within one month of going live, Spreckley landed a lead and subsequent client deal worth five times the cost of the website. The company estimates the website has reaped 15 times Return on Investment within 12 months of working with Alchemy.

Today, having previously been roadblocked from editing anything, the company is able to update the website easily and quickly on a daily basis. The agency has also improved its cash flow; it now saves £9,000 a year in managed services costs by switching to Alchemy.

Annual savings of

By switching to Alchemy Spreckley has significantly improved its cash flow; it now saves £9,000 a year in managed services.


Responsive design isn’t optional. Spreckley knew that they didn't have control over the devices that people used to engage with them, so responsive design is a natural choice. It delivers an experience across all devices that allows the audience to easily consume their content.

Bordelle product page
London web design
Bordelle product page
London web design

A very happy client.

“We have one of the most dynamic sites in the industry; the website feels like it is evolving, adapting and updating in line with the stories we tell. We are seeing audience volumes many times the size of what we previously drew in on the old site. Finally, I can say we have a site that matches our reputation, and a site we can be proud of.”

Richard Merrin
Managing Director

Our long-standing client relationships are testament to Alchemy Digital’s continued reputation among some of the world’s best known brands – we stick to our word, and we give you honest advice.

If you’d like to hear more about this project or see more of our work, please feel free to drop us a line.

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