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Rethinking their digital footprint

Torque wanted to reinvent their digital presence. They needed a brand new digital strategy that would enable them to showcase their expertise and strong understanding of the Automotive World. To show the audience their in depth perception of the industry, and a forward thinking ability that makes them leaders in their field.

Highlighting expertise

"We don’t need to say it, we do it". We needed to deliver a meticulously constructed platform that would enable Torque to showcase their expertise whilst demonstrating their understanding and success without being patronising.

Torque website homepage

effective design

We took the brief and ran with it by creating and developing an effective online platform that exploits Torque's biggest asset - their expertise, and honors their carefully crafted content; case studies, testimonials, imagery, and video.


All of the content needed to be thoughtfully laid out with a range of devices and browsers in mind. At the heart of Alchemy’s approach was to design an environment that would deliver vital content in a quick, easy and engaging way.

Torque posts page on tablet device
London web design
Torque posts page on smart phone
London web design

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