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Why SMEs must adopt a ‘big brand’ mind-set when it comes to the web

By Will Morris, Managing Partner at Alchemy Digital

Websites could level the playing field, by enabling smaller players to successfully compete with larger players in an epic David vs Goliath battle. But how often is that actually the case?

With 650,000 new companies launched in Britain alone in 2016, an effective online platform can help a small business stand head-and-shoulders above others in a crowded marketplace. But in order to capitalise on this, SMEs have had to adopt a larger mind-set, one similar to a big brand.

Take risks

For larger organisations who have established a strong reputation in their respective industries, most are happy sticking with the status quo. And why not? Afterall, if their website is already receiving high traffic due largely to its status, then changing this formula could potentially open the door to more issues. Yet for SMEs, the ability to take risks with their online offering can bring huge reward.

You might have been told many times to “step out of your comfort zone!” But this is often a rather choice piece of advice with any digital offering, especially with a website. If you’re a small or rapidly growing company, you’re probably less likely to have the working capital to be able to take any kind of silly risk. However, the ability to offer something different – whether it’s in the form of brand design, UX and UI, or having a personable relationship with your customer – can all enhance your online business offering. Look at this way: larger organisations were once small and had to take risks to get to where they are now – same principle, right?

Larger organisations were once small and had to take risks to get to where they are now

Less hierarchy

With a smaller hierarchy of approval processes in comparison to larger organisations, SMEs can quickly respond to the market and offer a more ‘nimble’ website for customers. The constant evolutions in the digital market require agile responses and coupled with more of a willingness to take risks, SMEs can ensure they have an innovative platform that is responding to current trends.

Dedicated online offering

More times than not, the necessity for SMEs to hit the ground running with a website, leads them to choose templated sites. What seems a lucrative initial starting point, will eventually begin to show signs of distress as the business grows.

Templated sites are essentially small in nature and to ensure your website is keeping up with your business momentum, having a dedicated and bespoke website is a must. Not only can you expertly craft your story, but it will be more effective in responding to customer demands even years down the line.

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