Our Values (Is this like you?)

Our Values (Is this like you?)


Quality is everything

It should be at front of thought in all decisions. “How can we make this better?” Everything we make must be perfect, it must function brilliantly with great form. First time. No exceptions. Everything we design must be world class, every time.


Be an expert

We challenge ourselves to be better than last week. You will need to own your role, and master it. We’re a team of experts, and you need to be one too. Work hard to push yourself into being a better designer, strategist or developer. We’ll give you space to learn, and push on harder projects. Ultimately though, it’s your responsibility to be an expert.



Make mistakes. Fail quickly. Look under rocks. Being innovative doesn’t happen unless you explore, so get ready to do that at Alchemy. Be willing to thinking differently about projects, design and technology. Be empathetic to audiences.


Work to live

Experts don’t work long hours, or at weekends. We work to live here, and so we focus on quality not on quantity. If you find yourself working late or at the weekend something has gone wrong. We enjoy working together, but it’s better to be at home. We celebrate together, work together and form close bonds. But we know that’s only one part of life.





Flexible hours


Monthly socials


Competitive salary