Luxury lingerie brand Bordelle are lauded worldwide for their exceptional quality and beauty. Founded by designer and Managing Director, Alexandra Popa, and created from its London studio, Bordelle’s ‘curated kink’ line of lingerie ‘blurs the lines between seduction and ready-to-wear’.

Seen on the catwalks of Paris, on Madonna, and in the Victoria & Albert Museum, Bordelle wanted an eCommerce website to ensure that customers understood that the brand was a landmark in fashion, with content that reflected the craftsmanship in each individual article.

Product detail at your Fingertips

Bordelle wanted to retain control of adding its ‘curated kink’ lines to the site, which change with the fashion seasons, twice a year.

They needed to be able to constantly re-invent the website’s content, to excite the audience and create a desire for the latest designs.

Bordelle campaign photography

Key Results

We designed and built a website that exploits Bordelle’s most valuable assets to deliver a consistent, high end and premium experience.

A long history of partnership with Bordelle has created a deep understanding of brand and audience needs
Crafted UX design, focused on the high fashion brand which leads to conversion
Constant performance focus, and partnership drives the beautiful lingerie eCommerce website
Bordelle campaign shot
Bordelle campaign shot
Bordelle campaign shot

“Conversion rates have soared since the launch of the new design, and we are now seeing revenues up 219% per month since we went live. One of the biggest and most positive changes was the overall synergy between the way we present our brand at our atelier and studio, and online. Previously, the look and feel did not align with our customer experience, but today it is a true extension of our brand ethos.”

Alexandra Popa
Managing Director